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Greek Supreme Court Ruling on the maxim ne impediatur legatio

Dr. APOSTOLOS ANTHIMOS, Legal Expert in the field of International Litigation Άρειος Πάγος, i.e. the Hellenic Supreme Court, issued its first ruling on the immunity of foreign states against execution. The judgment follows the path introduced by the German Constitutional Court in the famousPhillipinische Botschaft case from 1977  [SC 29.11.2017, decision nr. 1937/2017, unreported]     THE FACTS Appellant: […]

Sharia law in Greece: Blending European values with Islamic tradition

APOSTOLOS ANTHIMOS, Legal Expert with a Ph.D. in the field of International Litigation The Hellenic Republic is the sole EU Member State which provides for the application of Sharia law in its territory for more than a century. A recent amendment is granting Greek Moslems the right to opt-out, and resort to domestic civil law. At […]